Sunday, March 25, 2007


omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg ...hey did i mention omg !!!!!!!

my HUGE freaking exams r freakin overrrrrrrrrrr ..omggggggggggg!!!!!!!!

just have a small test left n then its all over !!!omgggggggggg

n yeah my bloggy is a year old!! my baby :)

hehe tanx al u peeps hoo patiently read it n commented :):):):):):P

neway me too hyper now ..will update blog once my fever is gone...feeling sick now ...


Sunday, March 18, 2007

sAcHiN tEnDuLkAr

He made sure
His name became a commoner’s
He made sure he deserved
Every piece of life that’s thrust into him

He rallied away all the politics
Surrounding his career…
He became the best
Of all in the world of cricket

It’s a game of the mind
And the relationship the players
He personified
And molded and cast
Himself as the best in the game
And continues the same

Many worship him
Many more admire him
Many more believe in having faith in god
Because here’s a guy who looks like
He’s signed a contract with the lord himself

The causative factor for
Quiet noises, fervent prayers,
Strained whispers, and ringing slogans
Is him …

He was there right from the beginning
And will be till the end
For us to depend on, lean on
And live a half life being him

Yeah, he’s sachin tendulkar

[PSSST:-- this poem is not applicable to the person mentioned above cuz he got our for less than ten runs against the disastrous loss against minnows bangladesh !! hehe
(sorry i'm a typical indian cricket fan !)]