Tuesday, May 15, 2007

travelling toad ,back to spoil your mood !

OMG I've missed blogging terribly ! Had a problem with the blogger.com site actually ..i guess it didnt want me to update but ahh well who can stop me when I've decided to do something lol ..*god why do i sound so leonine all the time lol*

Anyway , I've got loads to fill in here ...how my holidays went(well they're still going on) ..how my poem got published but i forgot to mention it in my own lill bloggy !!And how I'm continuing to be my weird self :)

To start it off,after the initial anxiety and excitement ,my relieving period started ....it actually sunk into my skin that this is the TIME OF MY LIFE ..this is when i join all the classes i want to ,watch all the movies i can ,hang out in every hang out in chennai ,write all i want ,read books of my choice ,catch up with evergrowing movie list ....well in other words ..i had the license to FREAK OUT

And that's partly true ...if not completely ! i actually joined this one art class ..it starts tommorow ..I just love art ..have i mentioned that before ..i love painting ,sketching ,just anything! have developed this new found love for it ..! ..so yeah other than that i havent joined many classes that i inteb\nded to ..but well i made up the loss by watching loads n loads of movies ..

well next comes my trip to Thailand-Singapore-Malaysia !!oh my -i had the time of my life !!From water skiing to jet skiing to para-sailing to witness my sister's friend being asked out by a british guy to falling in love with Thailand malls to taking a photo with a cheetah and chimp to hugging a snowman at -6 degree celcius to conversing with one of my favorite reporters to getting stranded in the Thailand airport for over three hours ...I was there ...Did it it all !

And and I have to mention all the movies I've watched till now ..well actually the list is small since i wasn't in chennai half the time ... anyways ,me saw Tara rum pum,Spidey 3 (i actually liked it while none i know loved it a wee bit :(:(,Dreamer,Unnaale Unnaale ,Pride and prejudice for the nth time,shrek for the fifth time and i guess thats it .sadly !

ohh yeah then comes the news ..Well all of you must be knowing by now ..well through MBS at least (aka ManasaBroadcastingSystem )..that my poem "The Harsh World" with a little minor changes made it to this book called "Poetic musings" ,an yearly anthology published by this website called "www.thepoetsanctuary.com" which I'm a member of :):)

ohhh yeah not to mention the shopping sprees I've been having with my cousin Priya akka ..hehe shes getting married on june 25 ..so we are having a blast !! from spencers to citi centre to almost every shop in the city ! sarees ,dhavani (traditional south indian half saree) to indian print skirts to jewellery to winter clothes(she's going to settle down in the U.K) to thai outfits !! hehe It's been so so so so much funnnnnn !!

Ok, mesa(aka me, a word ORIGINALLY MADE UP by my friend mani,since he was really offended when i said he flicked it from someplace ) shall continue my rantings after i do something useful :)

take care
cheers !