Thursday, October 18, 2007


A country I haven’t been to.
A country similar to my motherland
A country facing the same troubles
As my very own

Japan, a country so dissimilar to my country
a place which is often thought as cold and inconsiderate
of neighboring countries
a land also thought self obsessed

A land so close to my heart now
It feels like im already there and rearing to explore
Its truths beyond all levels

Japan races regally ahead of us in
More ways than one
Sometimes I feel jealous, then I say
God! It’s none of your business

Then again
It’s the only country
In history of the world
To have been the victim
Of nuclear holocaust
I sympathize, I empathize

It’s a country
I still claim to know little about
Its politics and culture still a mystery
To a lay man


Well, im a confused homosapien
Now trying to continue
To enrich my experiences
That makes this saga
Of discovering Japan
At 16