Friday, November 28, 2008


Even the word horrendous cannot entirely explain the feelings and emotions that are transcending…from hostages, NSG commandos, army personnel, navy personnel…the general public. The nation continues to be on a standstill, even as NSG authorities that the situation is under control. One of the major lingering doubts is that how did the terrorists possess such a large number of ammunitions? After some investigations, it has been found that the ‘invisible’ Mumbai underworld has, in fact given a hand to these menacing terrorists. The fact that an underworld exists itself is a sad state of security lapse in a so called peace loving country like India. How can a group of 40 terrorists enter into our country …just like that?! Obviously the most secured persons in this country sans the insurance policies are the politicians…. what can India do at the moment? Well, for starters, basic task forces should be set up for dealing intelligently to situations like this. The ruling or opposition party shouldn’t play divisive politics and should take up action jointly at a time like this. Instead of assuming that the citizens of this country are resilient, the media should depict the anger inside us, that’s screaming “enough is enough”. We all should unite, against a common enemy…terrorism.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Yes, we can!

This is the only election that caught my attention, yes, I am indifferent to the local neck tight elections, and I'm not ashamed to tell this. That's because, this is the election that has brought about hope, the only thing that has a high probabilty to bring about a country that has been reeling under recession, been written off for its military pressure in Afghanistan, and its certain celebrities going into narcotics. and its infamous insane killers. In the awe-inspiring speech made by Barack Hussain Obama after becoming the President elect, he said these famous bunch of words that are being repeated by everyone, from the youth to the aged, "If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer."Ah, the power of words! Voting results point out that the youth played a huge role, tipping Obama way ahead of McCain. Reasons are quite obvious- Obama, 46 years old, confident, tends to give confident lyrical speeches.McCain- 70 years old, and rumoured to be another Mr.Bush when it comes to his policies and promises. Meanwhile, the Black community is delighted as Obama is the first African-American President of the U.S.A. 98% of the Black community in America voted for him, and he got 1% less votes against McCain when it came to the Whites. Well, i don't think, all these statistics should bother Obama, because he is here to stay, and change the mindsets of the cynical let down Americans. The flipside of all the euphoria, maybe that Obama, who is strongly against outsourcing of jobs, might want to take away the outsourced jobs from India and give jobs to the American people, that is, his people. Former Foreign Secretary of India, and other financial experts believe this unwanted 'change' is just not possible, as we, in fact by doing the outsourced work, make America more effecient. This President-to-be is so amazing hardworking, his life story, worth a million storybooks, a two-time grammy award winner and someone who completely deserves to resurrect a nation to its old and majestic standing.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My tagged post :) Here it goes.

My wallpaper : My eldest sister's photo..Wondering why? Well shes in canada, and i like seeing my sisters' photos ( i have another sister in the US of A..) So keep fluctuating between the two.

My icons: The most basic items you can find. My whole computer just got reformatted, so itunes, limewire, EVERYthing got wiped out :(

Um other than that, nothing much else. Lol, disappointing i know. Cant help it . Tag me better stuff next time :P