Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Several years later, 
When I look back on my life
I will know that 

the fights
the tears
the teeth clenching anger
the misunderstandings
the craziness
the headaches 
the tiredness

Everything was worth it

the love
the hope 
the joy
the dream like days
the gifts
the smiles
the ends that we went to to be together
the fun 

We had, increases exponentially, 

Growing together like veins of a leaf
Making the root of my life

Making me
The person I am.

A new dawn :)

With fire emanating from your eyes,
 I feel warmth that I haven’t experienced before. 
 Daily taunting, Never suppressing what you want to say
 Sharing every little joy My pillar of strength. 

 A person like you 
 Is hard to come by 
 And when you do, 
 You change me for the better. 

 Chiseling away my past misconceptions, 
 Wiping away every pain 
 Enveloping a sense of calm around me. 
 I won’t be sweet 
 I will never act like you mean the world to me 
But I know you can tell when I lie. 
This is not the end of sunshine 
But the beginning of a new dawn 

 We are like a rainbow 
 You can never guess where it started 
 And thankfully, it doesn’t have an end too. =)