Tuesday, November 28, 2006

cold lines

Snow drops melt
To form a trace of their existence
On my window panel
Im freezing …
With no one to melt me back
To what I was made of

Im stung by the freshness
Nature is offering me
Making my nose all pink n cold
Something different
Something I chose as my dream

Im working hard to get off this feeling
Of loneliness and misery
After all, this is what I wanted to study
The elements of nature
In its raw stature

I brace my self up
To face all that life has scripted for me
In this chilly place
Be it snow drops or waves

If it is my dream it is meant only for me…

Thursday, November 23, 2006

rUdEnEsS pErSoNiFiEd

A rude world is what I see ….all sides all dimensions …..No fear …just plain rude …want their work done ….no kind of extra interest or knowledge in anybody else’s work
….the very purpose of living is undefined for them …
‘Mam, I want an answer sheet’....’yes one second let me sign it and give you’…’mam I want answer sheet NOW’ is what I heard today ...in my examination room …the poor old teacher didn’t even have time to stop and explain to the girl her difficulty in walking fast and just thrust it at her neighbor to pass it on …I just spaced off during my exam thinking..How rude can the world get …is there some kind of limit or were we just born to achieve our own needs? then the buzzer rang indicating the completion of an hour and I had two hours more and I hadn’t even finished 20% of the paper …so my consciousness
Got the better of me and I did finish the paper well before the others …

But really …does anything go thru the person when they are being rude...Or is it just instinct …or in the genes …or just carelessness...Don’t they ever feel alone...Uncared for …get headaches …don’t they ever be inefficient or are they perfection personified all the time ?

Does anyone feel the way I do about a particular thing? …no…every person is made with different steel within …that’s what makes this world bearable …other than the usual traumas ….’teachers don’t mean what they say when they are cross with you’ Is one of da MOST common sayings in mah school …well at least that’s what my friends say to comfort me the umpteen number of times my project gets shouted at or my inability to remember that particular answer !...but DO they ? Shouldn’t they be knowing the best interests of the child …haven’t they ever done something wrong in their schooldays …do they know the traumas of today …the vagaries of my heart.the loud thudding of my saintly heart when it senses fear when images of circuit diagram flow like a motion picture confusing me at different frequencies by the growing minute in my sleep?

Huh… try answering them ye all …one of my best friends just went through an operation before da exams and still was forced to write the paper and yupp she has managed to write all the papers ….that’s what my school expects ….puke or die ….YOU HAVE TO WRITE WRITE WRITE …yeah that lill twist turning into a smile might come on your face but that’s reality for me and well yeah might sound innocent and normal …but you know what ….