Monday, June 18, 2007


All my life, I've dreamed of being a senior, being a captain, sporting that attitude that defines a "eleventhee"! But here I am, getting worked up for every single thing, doing EVERYSINGLE day's homework, waking up to find that I've slept over my books the previous night, rushing to school to make it before my class teacher finds out I'm late, making sure I'm getting every word the teachers utter, You know what ?

I'm sick of my life, except for this one NEW factor in my life ( which most of you know, im guessing) well,other than that and my good ol' friends there's nothing to lift my mood up when im down,im becoming lethargic and tired and stressed out , and it is affecting me internally also ! ive lost like 5 kgs in a week , i puke every single day, its like my board exam period is repeating itself ! (urm just that there IS no exam rightnow!)

My sports day is coming up, and ooooh guess where its going to be held this time around ?? MADRAS CORPORATION ground where all these weirdos end up coming and oggling at us when we go there for some running practice and now it will be like PARADISE for them :(

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, and oh you want the cherry topping of it all? once, we move on to eleventh all the senior teachers teach us , and now i found out that all our senior teachers are thinking our batch is educationally handicapped, even though we excelled in the boards , woah it feels great you know :(

I'm just trying to hold back my tears when I'm writing this, i dont't know where my life is heading!

I just know i have people who care for me , and that god really doesnt like me much, late realisation i know,well it wouldnt have mattered anyway if i had found out earlier , would it ?

P.s:ok im writing this when im really down , dont mean to hurt anyone from my school , or my schools "prestige" , just ranting about ...