Monday, February 11, 2008

Things I've realized :)

Too long a wait for my next post huh ? ahh well i know im just talking to the wall so thats ok :) he can wait

so what HAVE i been doing , some may ask.I'll try explaining that.I've been going crazy and am successful in continuing to do so ..because of the farewell that's coming up not revealing anything in case any twelvethees have turned spies ! Really its annoyign the way they turn up in the auditorium when we are really bucking up for the big day ..

Other than that , ive been missing the before said person so much so again.It all started when i started reading this book called P.S. I love you .it made me cry so much and think about the people ive lost in this journey of my life. I keep rubbing my fingers against things i love right now , because i never really did care about things until they werelost and cant come back and so im trying my very best to stay at the persent , forget my past, stay connected to things and people i love , and continue loving life how many ever times it tries to diss me off..
Writing really takes me to another level.This is one thing ive realised in the past few days , especially poetry .Its something like home, the smell of a bedsheet you use everyday,like the rubberband you throw around like you dont care about but still go treasure hunting everymorning to tie up your hair decently .Yeah, poetry means a lotttt to me , and thank god ive realised that too..

Oh yeah, and ive realised so many more things these few days, i just cant explain every single thing, not only due to lack of time but also becase of the fact that i love to keep some small things to my self , but hey i never said i wasnt a blabber mouth :P

Oh yeah and i went to see rini madam's play and it was rockin :) though i have to truthfully accept that i didnt pay attention towards the end of the play ( due to elements like archit , janhavi and c, and coughing pills :)!!) i really liked the lights, the cat(shree)'s acting.

and oh yeah i'll leave you to peace for a while :)