Saturday, March 15, 2008


ok ive been tagged by the evil miss , so i have to wirte imp stuff about me (like there is anything that can make heads move, let alone turn 360 degree!)

1)i LOVE crashing after school , and then waking up in the night and then staying up till like one or two in the morning . the pleasure of it just cant be explained in detail now ! lol

2)i can read other people's minds SO well , i cant just finish almost every other sentence , especially for my best friends :)

3)one cockroach keeps visiting me every night

4)i like backstreet boys :D

5)dont like cream and foam in coffee ewwwwwww

6) i have elephant memory :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

toothaches and applesauce

The times of toothaches
Are over and done with

It’s time for heartaches

The smell of new books
And the anxiety in getting canvas shoes
Are over and done with

It’s time for sniffing perfumes,
Partying in delight

The love for meeting people online
And connecting, was a pressing hobby
Of the past

Now I detest coming near the old box

Things of the past leave me a mixed bag of emotions

I don’t know if it’d be plum if I continued the same way
Or change myself a tad bit, to view, and let others view
Me in a different perspective

I hate the fact that things change
And keep on doing so
Without giving a warning,
A couldn’t -care -less attitude

I wish things changed for the better
For a better me,
For a better world.

So that my childhood memoirs don’t
Camouflage my current state of mind
Or don’t remain completely oblivious to my present actions