Sunday, September 21, 2008


Having a crush on someone is the most irritating feeling in the galaxy. It makes me dream of things that will never materialize, thoughts that are a constant distraction, a churning feeling in the gut… a lot more that just doesn’t have space in this paper. It’s a bag full of empty promises to the self and hurried glances at mirrors. It forces me to make sure I look my best, wherever I go, in the hope of seeing that person. In the end, Im drained, feel cheated, and alone. Everyone seems to be happily committed, whilst I drink a mug of coffee, alone, bored and feel like a stray, that’s been somehow accepted into this environ, reasons unknown.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Basketball sucked big time today.

p.s: bleurgh courtesy/honours--hari (the bleurgh guy, i guess)

Monday, September 01, 2008


Joy is an illusion, Happiness, a temporary emancipation from the vexations of life...
‘They’ say materialistic pleasures are not the ways to find true happiness, I beg to differ.
There is nothing like true happiness, it’s just a term attached to finding things that don’t necessarily cost you in monetary terms.

It takes merely a helpful gesture or a chat with a friend to boost up my spirits, but im repeatedly having negative froths float in my head, frequently of late. My definition of happiness/joy has been under constant retrospection, as I’ve been put under the scanner for no regretful acts of mine. It’s probably because of the institution im studying in, but hell yeah, im not in good cheer as of now.