Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Ladakh Trip.

Shadows of clouds on mountains,
Icicles stretching away to eternity,
A numbness in my senses,
Even as seven cars move in the same velocity.

This trip has come to mean more than just that,
The bond we share is tremendous,
The memories to take back home, volumunous.

The past few days have turned out to be beautiful,
This experience will be engraved in my heart,
I hope it's not the end
But of something big, a start.


Atul said...

amazing short poem .. it tells everything in such few words... keep up!!

Manasa. K .Kumar said...

Thank you so much :)

Neeti said...

yaa..its too good!.. :)

alx said...

as usual well written

wud lyk 2 visit ladakh some day

wishes!! god bless

Manasa. K .Kumar said...

Thanks =)

Yeah you just HAVE to.. It beats every other experience you would have ever had!

Kuthur said...

You may not have expected a comment from me.
Your Ladakh poesm, pretty well written. I like the last stanza. You know what, you should be travelling more and more. That would bring the best in you.. more and more


Manasa. K .Kumar said...

Thanks for reading my blog..and thanks for the comments!

I hope I get to travel a lot at least in the distant future =P

Da Rodent said...

WOW :) Ladakh?? Nice.. :) said...

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