Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Until now.

Tired. Excited. Happy. Contended. Wierd. Smiling. Typing. Staring. Thinking. Worried. Overwhelmed. Coughing. Music. Being.

Argh. My life is so contained.

My Board exams got over. Almost everything has been good until now. Phew. Enjoying like theres no tommorow. Everyday.

I went for a reunion of X std girls today. Was super fun. Also, I realised how people change so fast. Sigh. Ive tried changing, thought about it, talked about it ...but it ain't happening. Thank God.

Relationship equations have changed for me. But in the inside, I've pretty much remained the same..for the better or worse, time will tell.

Sigh. Sorry for the extremely random post.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Today's the day is say goodbye
The day when i tell others not to cry.

I've been here a long time now
I've got to learn to let go somehow.

I stand here, on the spike of truth.
Wondering how i got wisdom from a baby tooth.

I wonder,
With a sigh
why it takes a minute to say hello
and forever to say goodbye.

I have so many memories to gaurd
And how lucky am i to have something

that makes saying goodbye so hard?

Thank you for everything you have given me DAV.