Friday, June 30, 2006

glowing globe

A gleaming globe around me
Separating me from the rest of the world
From the miseries, sorrows, torture n trauma

I get to have all the fun
No payback time
No installment for happiness
Nothing called a tear

I smile with a glowing face
My body accustomed to mechanism
Rolling and flowing
Along with the varying variety of mankind

I peer through windows
To see the various withdrawals taking place
Do in-depth analysis of the the human feelings
Weird hallucinations
All at one go

Sometimes I wish I could break it
For the suspense is killing me
Or other times I think
Of what miracle ive done to achieve this boon

dull tones

A bright sunshine
A day to myself

This little stream trickles down
My feet playing in n out of it

All my fears...Miseries
Blocked out n locked in a dreaded corner

My happiness fuelling me again
A once in a lifetime feeling

A bird chirps so cutely
The only living voice ive heard in a while

Shutting myself out to race a deadline
Is what ive been doing,
Depriving me of human connections

As my wet, wrinkled feet trudge down
I drink a steaming coffee

Thinking about what I have done so far
Not something everyone knows about

But some people know… who I care about
And who are a reason for my mere existence

I pull my hair back
And breathe fresh air, life, and energy back into my soul

To keep me going …
To make me beat that deadline

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the harsh world

This is how this world
Looks like to me
A test to prove my skills yet untapped
Another just to prove to myself
What im made of

The skill testing exam …
Looks more worth while to others
‘Others’….who don’t care how I go about in life
Were we made to be so indifferent?
Or do we suffice with what we are led on to?

Sometimes I wish I were an angel….
To change the machinery of this world
To let others know what satisfaction one can get
When she helps a person through that extra mile of struggle

But other times I wish things were just the same
So that …the cruelty, the harshness
Of this format available on this earth
Grows tired of itself and gives up
Or either gets wiped out for its own good

One day …all this will come to a close
A close that will witness a new opening
To something new but very much possible
Something which can change the meaning of living
Where we can live with our hearts not under security blankets

buh byeee

Sunday, June 11, 2006

a today or tommorow world

When the sun shines
And u feel nothing can go wrong
Think again…cuz for others
It aint sunshine, daisies, and a song

Yeah, all the time u neednt think bout others
Once in a while u too deserve a break
From this strenuous world, concerned only about excelling
In this process many hearts get hurt, except the ones fake

Wake up today, right now
To realize the indifference off this world
To you, and other fellow beings
To whom issues not concerning them are blurred

Dream of a tomorrow
Which could possibly not exist
As we are the sixth age to be wiped out
And probably have to start over again from a measly cyst

Think again, when you hurt somebody
Forget the pressures …cuz in the end
Human evolution will be a closed chapter
a……misshaped but ever shining gem

hope ya liked it
tata tc

Monday, June 05, 2006

prejudice policy

hey guys am writing a post after a long long time ...i mean an article ...hehe poems i have written
well wat i wanted to telly tell was goes like this ...i went to a temple yesterday ...well not only cuz mah exams were goin on....but well i was physically forced to my uncle ...cuz hes like really really like god fearing ....
n well um i was doin mah weekly shopping in nilgiris n kinda not properly dressed for da temple....(shorts n top) welll so right i went to da temple wid mah sis ...after like a yr!...n well EVERYONE was like starin at me u no like as if a malaika arora khan or mallika sherawat had entered ..i mean WOAH ...i got really freaked out ..but HAD to do the pradakshina ....with mean stares ...targetting right at me...i was liek HELLOOOO ...u dont even know me least god does ...n i dont think he hell lot minds tht i wear something i feel comfy in to the temple ...even tho i dint ..u no WANTEDLY ...wear it!!!!..

neway i was like how prejudice canya get ...n yeah mah sis came from amsterdam wid some german ppl ...n shetook them to the temple ...n they DINT LET THE TWO GUYS IN ..i mean thts so PREJUDICE .....goddddddddd plz help this stupid mystics out of their realm of da worldddddddd!!!!!!!!!!hell plz!!!