Saturday, October 28, 2006

diwali dhamaka

diwali ...i like the way it's spelt to the way its celebrated ...everything about it ...usually i fall sick on all important days bday ...pongal ..diwali ..etc ...but for a change this diwali my immune system showed its true inner strength n i managed without any particular illness ....enjoyed every bit of it
started the celebrations the day before diwali itself ...waited for my sister to turn up after work by painting diyas...watching tv.....mostly ndtv lol ....n yeah my sis came at last n we started putting flowers over the rangoli designs in the entrance of mah house n all ...then slept around 12 up at like 6 am ...little late for my family waking up time tho ...(thts like 4 am on diwali n all)...
then sat thru pooja without fidgeting that much !....sang a song also ...i think i saw the gods closing their ears hehe ...then came all the hallaboo bout how we wer all looking in our brand new outfits i was called the 'Id' girl ...cuz well ...mine was a strawberry pink salwar stitched punjabi style and wore silver accessories so kinda looked like i was fasting lol so well the name just stuck on for a while
then came the bursting of crackers ..dint wanna ...but had to ..sigh wen do things happen myway !...then we went to mah uncs house ..tried to catch some stuff on tv but missed all the importan shows so jus lazed around for a change ...
ha then it became like evening n we went for early dinner to park shereton ...sigh dint like one bit of it ...but dint loose much saw actor prasanna (tamil)..yeah hes kinda toned down so lol was pretty much happy ...n yeah before tht we visited mah other gran's house made a bag for her out of handmade chart paper ..hehe poor gran n filled it up with cadbury's stuff
then came back like ten ...sunk into bed n dassol !

neway had a great diwali ...n hope all of ya had a good time n watched all da programs on tv unlike me
neway see ya n keep well

Friday, October 13, 2006

i,me,myself. again

um well hilary duff fans (excluding me)
dont get ngry wid the following poem ...kinda in line with her song which goes 'i am'

I am

A weirdo
A psychic
A sport
A creep
A poet
A worthless pile of mosquito droppings
A quieto
A creative pile of god’s junk
A verbal tissue
A terrible reminder of sins
A heart throb’s nightmare
A scare crow
An athlete
A movie buff
A singer in my own rights
An admirer of me
A Leo
A constant trouble to everyone
A predictor with a capital p
A bored humdrum
A cruiser thru my dreams
An achiever
A pig
A bore
A winner
A basketball player
A dancer in my own rights
A contributor to this world
A sicko
A non-workaholic
A last minute worker
A mood lifter
A spoiler of the same
An enthusiast


I am me

Monday, October 09, 2006


Wish I cld make things better for ya
Wish I could change your world

Wish I could take charge of things
Wish I could make it all all right

Wish I could have made things better
Wish u hadn’t moved on

Wish I could have moved on with you
Wish I could take things back to what it was

Wish I could hold on to this loud silence between us
Wish u never go away

Wish I still form a part of your strongest muscle
Wish I could remove you from mine

Wish I could take care of myself
Wish I could take care of you

Wish we had ended off in the beginning
Wish it weren’t the beginning of an end