Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crazy crush

Its times like these
That I miss you like crazy
I just want to hug you
And disregard the world

I’m tired of reaching out
And holding out my arms to the wind, waiting
Loneliness is a horrible place to be
Especially when everyone else is moving on,
And you feel like you’ve sinned

I’m tired of guessing if you love me back
Whether you even notice the way I’ve fallen for you
It’s so frustrating, this love game-
It starts with a crush
An adrenaline rush
And then at every bend
It crushes you to no end
I don’t know-
If you are aware of the colour of my eyes
Or the tears that well up in it every night
I want to touch the skies
With you beside me, my knight.


angelicdevil said...
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angelicdevil said...

welcome back Manasa!!..nice poem..I like the eyes lines...i feel the same freaking frustrating way..good stuff..keep it going girl!.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


alx said...

beautiful poem...

can perfectly relate
d last stanza was very well composed

Manasa. K .Kumar said...

Thanks =)

Karthik Kamal said...

lol the poem is awesome,lovable btw from where did u copy it dumbo???

Anonymous said...


Vijay Pranav said...

Nice poem, lovabl.. All the best for your love ..

Vijay Pranav said...

Awesome, nice poem.. All The Best for your love to succeed :)

SANTHOSH said...

Awesome ..... i think the person u had in ur mind while writing"Crazy Crush" shd b lucky :)

c said...

hmm HAPPY BIRTHDAY! have a good one. duno how else to reach u. a blast! also Happy Friendship day! have a blast.

Varada said...

nice blog keep bosting

Divya said...

Amazing.. These are more than just words. Lovely!

anna said...

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