Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I call it love...

She walks by me everyday
Never though can I think of a thing to say
Every waking moment I think of her
Whatever happens I’m there for her for sure

What, to me, they do Ur daily glances
only i know, the trauma of those post glance trances

And so here i stand
With nothing in my hand

As she pulls back a fragile strand
I can see what she's been through like a magic wand
Feels like my hearts dancing in my hand
Cuz my love is suffering and that’s something I can't stand

Some people have loved and lost a lot, mah gurl
U got to know that life isn’t like a shining pearl
Maybe I’m not the right guy for you
But I’ll care the hell, I swear true

And if we’ve got to part ways anytime after now
You got to know I did love thou
There will be times when everything might go wrong
But for us, u’ve got to stay strong

You don’t always have to flow with the current
Cuz there are things that make ya different
I know I might be saying this too less a time
But ur too cute to be called a dime

I nevah wanna see u cry gurl
Cuz that would make mah world a black swirl
So once again take a look at me
Cuz right here I am, ur prince=to-be

um hey dont get doe-eyed n start crying me n sushruthi (one of mah best friends) wrote dat now wwwooooooopppieeeeeee n to tell ya thats sushy's debut !!!

lol neway write in bout watya think bout it ...
bye n tc

excerpts from an exceptional work

oi peeps
ur gonna love this .....the following are excerpts from the newest princess diaries ...well guys jus dont back out on hearing the name 'princess diaries' its one of te most awesumest books of mah life ...n plz plz plz try to read all the stuff below (look at this im gettin so desperado to promote meg cabot's nu book!)
well ...these lines r sung by the characters in princess diaries they have to put up this play called 'braid!' to raise money for the school govt which has gone bankrupt cuz of mia's choice to buy ultra cool DUSTBINS lol ....neway this play is bout mia's grt grt grt grt grt granma rosagunde's story ...chekout da poems

the warlord song
going out to kill and slay
is what i do every single day
no other job would i request
marauding is what i do the best!

riding through the forests
when i emerge it's quiete a sight
in a villagers'eyes, it's fear i see
oh, what a blast it is to be me!

the mistress's song
how was i to know
when to him my mother sold
me, that one day i would grow
to love him so ?

though all he does is gape and plunder
to me it's always been a wonder
that when he's done with pillaging
it's me he turns to for his loving

the smithy's song
how could someone like she
ever love a poor man like me ?
when clearly she could have anyone
why would she settle for this someone ?

how could she
ever love me ?

mia's song

though twilight brings this day to close
what comes tommorow none can know
i lie here in this bed of hate
and look to night to cast my fate

father, genovia, together we will fight
father, genovie, for the future is tonight

cross my heart and hope to die
my father's death i'll avenge, swore i.

so with this braid i make the twist
that by morning's light he'll not exist! tht was SOME deep stuff....i loved every peice of it ...hope u did!...neway write in if uve become a meggy fan ...or else ...JUS RITE IN

so byeeeeeeeeeee n tc

An Innings Outta Mah Life

Every willow’s work is assessed
The willow’s relationship with a cork ball is scrutinized
One man is selected
Who, when he plays the game, is possessed

Every spectator in this country is a player
When he sees the game
Each thinks he knows the best when it comes to cricket
Even the history of the wicket

I well am a different kind
More of a predictor cum watcher of this game
Am an admirer of the determination, the passion,
The celebration when an opponent’s wicket falls …all in a vision

My no-nails-after-every-series syndrome
Explains my love for the game
My blood pressure is low aka mundane
But my love for the game makes it insane

All these years of seeing the game
Might make me an expert at facts and events out of the players’ lives
Like when shoib swore at sachin or that rahul has got a doctor as his wife
But telling the truth …I can’t play the game to save my life!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

a pulped palpated life

rushing for work ..rushing to the car
notime to talk to mum ..only time for sending an sms
stuffing a sandwich time for her so far

relatives have become a distance issue
her only kid constant resident at da cresh
her husband..better a worn out tissue

is this what we all want?
for this we have left all loved connections?
when all job done ...only that will be there to haunt

fame ..a controversial word in itself
is what everyone strives for ..
but only our potraits get positions in that beloved shelf

so think again when u want that dreaded controversy
in a world already full of it
wouldnt u prefer loved ones, an alternacy?

talking political terms,blabbing otherwise

sigh ..the old baldy is back wid a snoring bang ...the same scenario ..every state election ..well this was the first time i was really really interested rest assured i wlda BEen snoring ..but this time ..this elections we almost saw a silent revolution ...captain vijaykanth won in the place wer he stood (vridhachalam) ...n the lok paritran got at least 10 votes of wat i have counted n bet every iitian wlda voted for them if he/she had some sense in da head ..

sonia gandhi won by over 4 81 000 VOTES!!!..this shows how faithful ppl of india can get when they ever want to be! ..

well i will shut wid my braggin now ! ...lemme update u wid what i am doin in these hols

well me finished like 34 questions (hey answers too !) in social science mannnnnnn history is so damn demanding poor lill fingers say it all !urrm n math i dint start yet (hey dont stare wil start tomm :)) ...n sc i toldya have finished ...eng not even a head start! ill do it like in the lunch break bfore eng class hehehe

well well well i think id better go ..n leave ya to peace!!!

tata n peeseee to da world

Thursday, May 04, 2006

the gala holiday time

hols hols hols!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah yeah yeah im sounding tooo excited hehe but me DO need to njoy a fair amt of freakin fun ...but me has like 366 sums in math 100 q n a's in social one worksheet in hl (sanskrit)...eng lill compositions hehehe..n sc worksheetwhich me completed liek a gud gud gal !

otherwise ive spent my hols watchin movies ..chillin out ...taking dvds n chillin out again !!!
heheheheheh ....ive made like a whole bandwagon full of nu friends ovah this summer ...i no maybe cuz of the heat they r willin to be my friend ...u no they cant stand me other wise *evil grin*

my sis ran off to amsterdam idea who all shes trbling there ... sighhhh :)
welll as long as shes safe wid mah nu ipod camera n hair straightener EVERYTHINGS fine wid me ehehehehehe not very materialistic am i???

lol ohkie as ive updated all u lucky ppl engh me needs to run now to see my nu potted plant (i potted it alll by myself!!!)

feels proud n waves a hand out to u all

Monday, May 01, 2006

A Little Out Of Mah Life

My world my lifeline
You can call it the news of the hour
A large share of pie is connected wid exuberance
The life of mine

I live breathe eat
Ndtv –cricket- movies- poems
Not just to beat the heat
But to prove myself, to beat the stress

When Im asked to stand in a group
Where I share the same hobbies, interests
I realize slowly
That I can never be part of a conditioned troop

When I write a poem
It’s like I’ve taken the plunge
I do all the fast furious work
Hoping to find, in my work, a gem

When I watch a movie
I somehow end up remembering
Every intricate detail etched out
Even if its not worth accommodating

I follow cricket
Rather like a religion
Though people around me
Think of it as a mere adoration

I rouse through ndtv
My one and only destination
The only place to which
My heart sends an application

By Manasa Kumar

The Way Of Life

Life tends to preach
Love actually

Life tends to make mistakes
Learn it practically

Life creates illusions
Understand it eventually

Life tends to ignore
But you better act tactfully

Life suspends things when they r on full swing
Capture the scenario gradually

Life tends to preach
Learn it pre-maturely

Life tends to act suicidal
Just act abnormally

Life is believed to be vulgar
Act against it swiftly

Life tends to hide
Go against it pre-dominantly

Life tends to kill
Accept it willingly

Life leaves a glowing dewdrop on you
For godsake smile widely!

ummm u liked it ...this one i wrote like long long backy ...num num num i hafta go now usual leave me wid ur thgtsy n yeah stay safe