Saturday, August 26, 2006


sometimes u have to push urself to do some stuff ..immaterial of whether u wanna do it or not ....i did experiance this a while back ...i guess wayyyyyyyy while back ...i was forced to join basketball ..a cool game in its own way ...i joined bb coaching in 5th standard word of objection n one whole controversy better silence than severe words ....i shut... i played ....i played well ..
then mah team mates got jealous ..the usual cat comments cat fights wtv happened ...i din give one shit ...i was innocent
....i was one of the few hoo got recognition from mah bloody coach ....i din no he was so #$#@$%$&^&*@#!@ at tht time usual ...favourites r not meant to stay ..i moved on ....or rather down according to him ....n pari replaced me ...i stood by the side ...silent ...inconspicuous ...vertically inclined ....silent again
i played along ...helped ....she converted ....i passed she converted ....i praised got into her head......n all coach has got to say is ...DONT ATTEMPT ..PASS IT TO 'HER'....N YEAH RUN ...
we won the match today .. wid me chucked out in the first quarter ...praying wid all my fingernails bit to the very end ...praying wid my full heart ...mah coach jus sat down after two quaarters saying HE LOST HIS HOPE ...damniiit all of us got up n cheered on wid the score cards readin 0-9 ....fervent prayers screamin out of mah lungs...without mah own conciousness ....a hundred mispasses ...a 1000 erratic attempts n yeah we won ...
i dont want one heck of the damn glory shared by pari n s.u(another team mate) or poornima or shwetha ...i jus want ppl to realize
i want ppl to realize ...its not abt throwing out a team mate jus cuz she made two erratic attempts ,....n keeping in a #$#%#$^% player even if she takes 48727349834938 attempts not reachin the basket ...its not abt passin mean comments .. its not abt playing ur best ..

its all bout trusting a person ...trusting to the extent tht u know she'll never letcha down ...keeping her weakness a shadow n not aa a sunshade ...its bout beleiving in ur team mates ...till the nth second ....its bout letting ur team mate call on ur cell even tho u know its gonna cost u all the rechrge uve got ...

its all bout putting ur heart to it

Friday, August 11, 2006

life undefined

That bulging curiosity …that fervor to kill someone …tht first second glance …that desire to hug someone but u know u its not possible ..that killer instinct that popped out of nowhere land….that emotion that makes ya wanna write ….that burning feeling when someone takes credit for what uve done ….that melting feeling when Jesse sings in my pod…that that heart crushing moment when u realize u cant love someone ….that nerve wracking moment when u know the answer but it just went next door leaving ya blank …that heart clenching moment when that small kid jumps to protect her father in crash …that he-cant-get-any-more-sweeter moment when shah rukh khan is on screen before he dies in kal ho na ho …..That tear-wellin moment whenya realize ur friend did something which is beyond cute for u …….

Well these r some moments which ive put together to define my life

Saturday, August 05, 2006

tHaT nIgHt

That night you looked at me
Everything looked right, just then
Just right

That night you pointed at one star
And said it was like us
Always shining, everyday without fail

I felt so good
Right there next to ya
Spending a lazy dusk, happily

I looked at you
All my worries, fears ran away
Right then I knew

I knew you were THE one for me
You cld change me back to who I deserve to be
After a huge trauma, u made me me

I wish I cld see you again
I pray for you safety
In that lovely place

That lovely place called heaven
You are now only mah guardian angel
But will never really be my very own

Tears fall down, full fledge
No use, I can see
Heartbroken, life taken ovah by thgts

Thgts that are the only memoir
Of you and who I used to be
I am clueless

I am clueless when I see
Doe-eyed couples holding hands
And walkin around da park

Walking around like they rule da world
Life is all they want, in the end
The assumptious THE one means nothing to them

I know no one can be like us
Cuz in the end
Our star is still shining, everyday, non-stop

Friday, August 04, 2006

bLoOdY cArInG

Why the hell do I care so much?
All I get in the end
Is nothing as such
Just tears, a gift to redeem my emotions

Wish I could just throw it all away
And get on with life
But I then again I follow the same routine way
Just to get kicked by the thorns of hearts

I might have asked for someone
To care share n feel n all tht
But well by calling u honey bun
Friends are the worst heart breakers

You can’t throw them away
You can’t keep ‘em either
Once you’re into this play
Ur jus left all alone, stranded

Family sounds like home sweet home
After a huge vacation
But all it does is like venom
Makes ya grope for life as was before

Suffocation tension stress
Key words to pass this exam
You’re left in a mess
Thinking its better to flunk

It’s kind of like this addiction
You wanna tell her something so bad
But it’s all written down in fiction
Leading to nothing but isolation n pain

Once Ur with them
U feel all’s right in da world
Until they betray ya behind Ur stem
While your left screamin in self agony

Oh crap why do I care so much?
Why can’t I take this feeling away?
This tantalizing freaky clutch
Over all things uve ever, going to, and are feeling?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

my THE ONE please

Washing machine at work
Chugs down what is thrown at it
With utmost ease
I stare at it trying to stay fit

I tap my fingers
Trying to chill
I’m pushed into reality
Without a resistance pill

Those times
Is what I think of nowadays
To forget ‘em …
Fretting freaking n screamin r mah ways

Wish there was a person
For myself
To if not change things for the better
At least gimme the power to engulf

Sure he wld go mad
But then what’s the point
To stay away from mah miseries
And claim to love n disappoint

He could be
The world’s biggest freak
He could
Have an orrible physique

All I want is someone
to care share n feel
to soothe my soul….
Of all things…heal

ode to mah cutest friends

Have I ever told you
How much you mean to me
Even though we talk via chat
N express thru emoticons?

Sometimes I wish
You were right in front of me
To tell you to trouble you
To make u cry why u were born

Sometimes I wish it wld stay the same
We chatting via chat
So Tht at least what we share remains
Even though its thru a monitor

Have I ever toldya
Tht there r times when
What uve told me
Has kept me awake all night

Either making me smile
Or makin me feel all’s right in da world

When the times when u don’t feel right
I feel like touchin this cold monitor
And wishing it wld dissolve
And show the correspondin side

There r also times when ive cried
In front of this comp telling u what ive been thru
Or crying thinking
How more sweet you can get

There r more times when ive fallen down
Laughing at u or with u
Feeling all mah trbles evaporating

The words we have shared ….
Has made my heart to care
Even though I cant count
The miles ur away from me

No wer else I can feel this way
Caring sharing freakin day by day by day