Tuesday, March 28, 2006

a peppy numbah!

hey peeps
i know u guys arent as great singers as me (like dats gonna happen ) neway down below is a poem cum song tht i wrote n if u ppl plan on reading it well then dont READ it jus sing it liek a song lol n go ahead

Hey wanna getcha know u better
Please don’t close down the shutter
Just when u see me
U can just as well
Break my heart free

I’ve always had this thing
Just for u boy
Oh yeah my little wing
Will just fly for you
When we’re watching troy

Just the way
My fav writer puts it her style
I go all ‘frission’ for u oh my
I know it’ll take us a while
To get 2 know each other, my guy

Waiting for you
In this high n mighty road
Is me right here
Don’t think I fear

Some times I take it off on you
Sometimes I suppress myself, so true
So if u think, with me, u gotta a chance
To head off someplace bizarre
Oh yeah France

one chance

This universe
Gives one lill chance
Just to reverse
All the mischief we’ve done in a trance…

It’s basically a countdown
To the number one
To change everything
Even if it’s a story tht started with a ring…

Also tht is the time when we feel
Everything we r doing tht time is a crime
In the end eating all stuff in a meal
Silent as a chime…

All it pays in the end
After u’ve let Ur back bend
I know it sounds all gory n mean
But all through that tht I’ve been …

Sunday, March 26, 2006

is it worth it all?

When I pledge
Feeling like you’ll never let me down the edge
That ill stay devoted to our cause
Without a little pause

Every thing you’ve told me
I remember
What, in our relationship, do I foresee?
I still ponder

Every time I see you, you’ve made my day
If that ain’t enough, I have nothing left to say
I close my eyes n pray
Hoping to find a way

Our choices do differ
When I talk about Hilary duff you suffer
When you talk about Sci-Fi movies
I suffer

Not that it undermines
Our relationship in any way
It just lines
Our preferences on a tray

Every thing I put my heart into
You are there to support me
Just call me n pronto
I’m there for u, rafting in the sea

If ive ever made u feel bad
Believe me im feeling much more sad
Cuz ur still my 'the one'
and if u dont get it im bringing my gun !

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hey peeps here is one of my fav poems evah titled SPANISH HAIR

M y memories run through me as, in my mind
I run my fingers through those auburn locks
With streaks of gold and silver and black
I miss you so much, when are you coming back?

y ou've left me here to fend for myself
In the loneliness of accompaniment
I'm a stranger in a world of strangers
Neither world I would preferI
hate to think that you've been gone so long
That I've forgotten what your face looks like
I'll never forget that Spanish hair of yours, though
It's the only thing I got from you,
I knowI love the way you love my hair
Makes me look like you in a few glimmers of light
This is what makes me feel like I belong
Once I see those beautiful shades,
it makes me feel strongI know you are part of those "most beautiful"
The list I know I could never be a part ofI'm glad,
though, that I can grasp a part of you in me
And when I don't feel right,
I know you're there for me
The Spanish hair I feel is most beautiful
Every strand unique, an individual color
Just like you and me--we are the same in our uniqueness
And that is enough to satisfy this redress of loneliness

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

All Time Favs

me back after doing math well at last ! .....releif to have done it well .... ahhhh ...ok fiine ill stop it ...
thgt ill fill u up wid my all time favs in welll wtv i can think of now ...lol i know i can go on droning but ill try to make it small ....i know the smile is coming up now guys lol

all time fav REPORTERS ahhhh now im talking bussiness ....neway thts wat ill b minding of wen i become one muahaha
1) Rohan Vyavaharkar
Now hes one reporter hoo makes the cricket society privelaged by his awesum reporting n if u want me to tell more bout him well ull seriously never ask me to talk again!
2) Barkha Dutt
now what she does is only called full fledged reporting ...loveeeeeee her india 60 mins
and every one of her coverages !
3) Sonali Chander
shes jus the cricket face of ndtv ...n shes got the confidence of well another manasa lol (cant think of anything wen it comes to confidence other than moi)
4) Prannoy Roy
he puts his heart n soul into his reporting n obviously on of my favs ...ill bet with u for how much evah u want but u can never win it if i asked u to tell if hes reading the news out or talking to us ...man he rocks
hey no offense but seriously i cant write the whole list of ndtv reporters ...jus cuz of the huge amt of people but u get the picture na

all time fav ACTORS
1) Bill Pullman -lol half of u wont know him i guess ,i myself saw his movie 'while u were sleeping ' only yesterday ...but he jus rocksssssssss i know hes a surprise entry ahead of brad pitt but hoo said i dont lie
2)braddy braddy braddy -yeah hes the one hoo has all the fun ..seriously from being rated hottest actor in da world to marrying the most beautiful woman in da world (not tht i think she looks one heck nice jen rocks ) but he shuts critics mouths with such ease gotta love him for dat at least
3)mark ruffalo-well he acted in 13 goin on 30 ....i was actually thinking of ditching brad for him! hes soooooooooooooo cute both ways ....fien i stop myself from uttering inauspicious words -lol read too much of 'missing mail' but ull agree wid me afte seeing tha movie
4)sid-yeah siddarth rocks ...be it rang de .. or yuva .. or boys ...he jus rocks...

all tiem fav WRITERS
1) Meg cabot -she is such an awesummmmmmmmmm writer ...fine most of u wont agree n wld vote in for agatha or some weird 1847583457875 pages -novel-writer but wtv ...i cant live without her books
2)JK-do i even have to say nething bout her? her books say it all
3)kathy hopkins-shes wrttten this awesum series for teens ...um i wldnt prefer telling the name aloud ...hehe those hoove read her first book will know why
4)ann brashares-she is one damn good writer of the sisterhood of travelling pants sseries ...i know it sounds boring but u strt reading the book its a rollercoaster ride !

hey my hands r aching now .....will write in more if u people let me know if u like it ok?
chao manasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

a vital issue

Hey guys me back again
Have a few days before my next exam
Just taking a break
Well a week back ,I was writing reviews on rdb for the blog n I made it quite big then I put post n voila the whole thing vanished .i was sooo damn let down that I didn’t qwrite nething after tht …lol now am in a very very good moood jus cuz India is rocking in the cwlth games (go India!!) ..oh and am writing this is in ms word with more security !

Yeah me still thinking what to write ….no I realized writing a review is damn tiring tht too when it decides to vanish when uve put all hard work into it …humph …lol

I dunno yesterday I just turned off the light to get my beauty sleep (hehe at one after watching waqt n crying little hey common its damn good n dumb!) …n then I realized
I didn’t even know what I was wearing at tht very moment …even tho I spent like hours putting it before goin for an icecream ….i was still thinking bout it then started relating it to u know life ….tht stupid cycle we go thro called LIFE of all things ..though its nothing diff than a knife….

Do we all lose our identity after all the fame n bubbly attitude? Look what happened to nadira ….she went through all she could and was totally heading in a different direction when she got a chance to act n then no looking back …after her prime time shes left all alone …n poor thing she got used to liking loneliness …the very thing every human dreads in reality ….n she was totally ignored by the media …the film fraternity ..the very industry tht idolizes shah rukh khan n the scoundrel of a salman …

Are we actually doing justice to our country ?..just take a look at where . the Jessica lall case is heading in its meandering course in a totally partial judiciary system …he shoots he hides n everyone forgot to ask his father who is a legal (former minister) where the hell his son is hiding ?

Only when I watched THE BIG FIGHT in ndtv yesterday did all these thgts come to my mind…99% of the audience said tht they were more reliant on the media n people for justice to happen ….only after ndtv gave the viewers petition did a chance of a sincere judgement came into being …

Our judicial system is haywire …our leaders have also gone haywire (take a look at the number of times president’s rule comes into being in India)….we,the people aren’t one heck bothered …we have only time to decide which movie should top the list this week (no offense but I HAVE to generalize this one time )

So what are we the people going to do ?…just go ahead write blogs like these …no real action is going to be taken ? no public outcry?(except in the case of Jessica lall case)
But do we the people always have to keep shouting our voice hoarse till the responsible (like as if they will evah be responsible) leaders n bureaucracy take up the issue?

If justice has to come in our country …if attention has to be given to people even if they have lost their prime time ….if we want our identities to shine throughout our tenure in this big world at least till we are alive …it should come from within. …I may have watched too many times a rang de basanti but my conclusions are the same

And if u do feel strongly about this issue post in ur comments …
So chao


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

the x factor

Welll basically people wld say I don’t react much during tense moments but wat da hell ..who wld want to react n then later get teased for the rest of ur life….true,u shld vent your feelings in some way or the other …..bottling up your anger obviously has diverse effects on you …um but throwing it out ALSO has major effects on you did some one forget to mention that …
In today’s world criticism comes without any invitation ….but the major factor is whether you want to take it along with your stride or just say a hi to it when it comes and let the hell go off with it later …

If you remember one thing-your talent REMAINS with you like a shadow ..just don’t MAKE it a shadow –you can get off anywhere in this world
Once I saw this movie about this 400 m sprinter …well she was just very very good at running the 400m and then came this coach who made her doubt her own talents …favoured another girl of low capacity and in the end this girl instead of telling what she felt about this to neone …she went went through this period where she wouldn’t eat sleep or talk properly and which led on to other major issues till this world record holder comes to her school and finds that here was a girl who went through all tht she had been through back then ….with her help and advice ..she comes back to her prime time and shows that she can do it all …
Well I don’t know about you guys ..but I was really inspired by that story ….
So take care n see ya

cricketers ahoy

hey guys
i'm getting a day off bfore english exam so thgt ill write some more muahaha
welll what do i write about ....um poems over n out ...a huge book review over n out ...what more CAN i write on? got now im getting desperado ....hum hum hum fine as india just rocked against england yesterday ...ill rate our indian players ...okay ? (like im gonna give u a choice!)

first comes .....
he totally rocked in this series ..pulling up his socks each n everytime the team needed him that ..u'll think he badly needs a new pair!
he becomes the captan of the indian team ...a new born baby right on dat day ....alll the accolades from former cricketeers ..shares a great rapport with one of the tougest on the block -greg chapell lol OBVIOUSLY HE DESERVES 10/10
he is an amazing guy-----awesum batting display --fastest 50 by a wicketkeeper evah ...highest score by a wicketkeeper ...n loads more ...he just rox ...maybe he didnt bat too well in this series but neway U GET THE POINT RIGHT ....lol a 10/10

um im not a very good fan of him .....just that he rocked in the previous matches for india tht im mentioning him....his concentration is amazing...his bat-ball contact is superb...his timing is un-questionable ....fine fine ill give him a 9/10

now we r talking bussiness hehe ...he is jsut so awesum ...me has a crush on him from the very second i saw him ...lol (u didnt see dat) hehe ...he is an amaing batsman bowler fielder aka ALLROUNDER the best rated allrounder and bowler for india ...what more DO u want? he gets a puurrrfect 10/10

munaf patel
he is an amzing nu entry and an awesum bowler too ! ...looks dont say it all ...dats all i can say ...he is sooo good at YORKING da damn ball dat he HAS to get a ....10/10

well to me he is plain boring ..but his batting ability is crying for praise n has got it too so no say jus see ...10/10

he is da best in everythign he does ...even if he saves a four i wld give hhim a man of the match award ! lol so desporado girl gives him 10/10

welll now tht uve seen my general taste bet ull guess the guys scores which ive not mentioned simply becuz i dont have engh colors to match wid them *wink*

so write in if u agree wid me on the ratings
chao manasa

Monday, March 13, 2006

an obsessed review

ms.obsessed girl decides to write a book review on
Once in a million years will a book of this material,content,magic,humour...i can go on n on ..such is the impact created by the latest sequel to the philosopher's stone -the harry potter and the half blood prince ...This book being the best of the six books ..well atleast according to me ..keeps you biting your nails till they become sore n red...matter of fact i didnt eat my breakfast,lunch or dinner while reading this very book

welll moving on to the story ,harry is once again finds himself stuck with the dursleys during the summer,but this torture is short lived as he is rescued by none other than dumbledore who is beleived to be the only one voldemort has ever feared...the reason for this fear is revealed in the later chapters .Pr.Snape has a major role to play in this book,and a lot from the past is revealed in this book with the help of the penseive when dumbledore begins to take private lessons for harry .a slight dash of romance is there -here and there ...A new defence against the dark arts teacher teacher is introduced in this book who plays a pivotal role in the book ...
and of course new spells,new potions and new deaths are seen ...
The most important death being the death of a VERY important person -who has played a vital role in every one of the books in this series...

Lighter topics like quidditch are given less importance even though harry becomes the captain of the gryffindor quidditch team ..Only if you read the book...or rather experiance the book will you understand the plot ,mystery and the pains taken by j.k to write this amazing book!
hey guys
hope my previous comments wer READ-ABLE...ho hum hum ...now my english exam is coming up so am on the net um supposedly PRACTISING writing poems n stuff ha
n neway me successfully wrote my science exam n here i am whiling away my extra time ..troubling u guys
um fine guilt is like eating me uppppp so ill write down what i once wrote for a weekend assignement
much has been talked,written and published about our great indian culture and history n so on......and much more has been talked about the declination of it owing to increased interest laid upon the upcoming western trends ...but have anyone of you thought about what i'm about to express in this essay?
culture is defined as the systems of knowledge shared by a relatively large group of people and that particular large group of peaple dont necessarily have the same opinion throughout decades like our ancient forefathers supposedly expected..culture neednt neccessarily mean tradition dresses and dances but ... it can also mean enjoying a bit of music every day -rock 'n'roll or melodies .it not only supplements traditional music but also gives one a wider choice -from baskstreet boys to linkin' park
it can also mean that a person can enjoy a little break dance and shake a leg to her fav song in her pj's instead of putting a zillion shades of eyeshadows or a grandola dress or painting up her face ...or dancing to the tap of a stick or hoot of a flute ....
SOOO come what may ... a habit can always be called a culture and doesnt actually refer to something people in the OLD days did ..by the way even blogging can be called a culture of today and an addictive habit of mine!
lol catchya guys

Sunday, March 12, 2006

the second scenario

now this is my second addition to my blog
guess i AM getting obsessed wink wink ....or u can call it another way to get rid of science exam fever which will vanish after my exam tommorow ...so neway i thought ill bore u guys out with another poem of mine cuz of lack of time to write an article or story ...neway um cuz of reading too much science i guess i chose my user name as CHLAMYDOMONAS hehe a unicellar organism ...ppl im not so weird otherwise ..jus tht now n then lol

and here comes the poem relationship factor which is SERIOUSLY a poem which is not true ehehe ...
The relationship factor

I knew from the very start..
I didn’t have any place for u in my heart

Relationships do sway
I guess I just learnt it the hard way

That was a tough night
Cuddling my pillow and thinking of decision, hopefully right

How much we’ve gone through together, apart
Just wish we had thought about this at the start

Now that I’ve seen one end of a coin
I fear, I might feel, on the other side like an injured groin

As the cool wind purges me
It did kind of egg me on to see

Just what lay ahead of me?
Maybe a career in fashion with a theme

Or indulge in a career for which I’ve been striving for
Just the size of a bullock’s cart

Well from what I’ve learnt from life
I said to myself I’d have to choose either side of the knife

And here I am just as successful as you
But did we just miss out a big clue?

hey oki guess me will go n read diversity now ....bubye for now

my first poem

hey peeps u can say this is where all the trouble started off lol ...i guess my real first poem was in my sixth std n i was forced to write about nature which i ,surprisingly,willingly did ...then came all the cramming up of my thoughts and i guessed the only way for these every-second-one-opinion-about-something to come out was 'writing a poem'
and here goes -does it matter?

Rays, rain, rainbows do they even matter
The curve called smile has also vanished
Does that even matter?
But I still believe that something like that exists and unless
I see it I remain a shatter……..

One more time I realize that we have a life
That can only be worth it if we stand together
All right
And every time I hear a cry
I know that it’s not right…

Due drops take their time
Thunders light up the sky
Flowers bloom all their might
But every time I see it
I say “later”….

Does this happen only to me
Or is it a born myth to flee
And now I realize that
We have time for
Every thing For which I have said later…

lol i know your like omg how more lame cannitget kinda but yes i do agree with you ...but i swear illl put up better ones in the following few days ..um fine hours...um minutes lol
so do comment if u feel if ive wasted your time enough lol
so chao till next time