Tuesday, April 25, 2006

~your knight in shining armour ~

Surrounded by demons here I am
No clue –nothing to do
Waking up in a critical moment
Does it matter if it’s a torment?

They don’t understand what I want
But are connected by a word called family
What they ask I should grant
This part of my life, I wish to oversee

They are the people I don’t really care about
But u girl, Ur the one I really want
That’s what, to myself, I shout
No use now as we’ve drifted apart

You came into my life unexpectedly
Took my social life by storm
You made me follow you around faithfully
Girl you were DA BOMB

We were always together
Living every waking moment with each other
I’m sitting here writing this damn thing
Or rather waiting hopefully for a tring tring

Together we used to party all night
I had no idea it dint mean, to you, anything at all
All the lonely nights ive suffered all right
Sitting alone, like a princess not attending the ball

Now im praying to god
Hoping he’ll spark a light
On what’s been like a cold rod
Ahh wish I was your mighty knight

mauahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha n u better like it n leave in ur thgts
manasa da grt

A colorful expression of thoughts(hopefully:))

It’s the happy times
It’s the best of days
It’s the time to sing rhymes!
In our own carved ways!

Jump up
Take a golden cup
With all of your life painted in it

Every stroke made your day
Be it middle of November
Or the sultry may

Daredevil Red depicts
The times you crossed every boundary

Serene little White denotes
The times when you were your own anti-body

That dreaded Blue refracts
The times when you were in the midst of a misery

Carefree green munches
The times when you ate that wicked pastry!

Punchy purple realizes
The times of mind-boggling actualities

Cuckoo yellow splashes
The times when you were worth your own autobiography

Powerful pink tells me
All the gossip and (prom year) atrocities

And at last the doleful black gives me
the times when i asked ur mum ,for having u ,an apology!

lol hope ya liked it leave in ur comment sanyors n sanyoritas urm is dat correct spelling? hehe and and and
take kare
signing off izz
manasa da grt

Monday, April 24, 2006


Happy times
Rocking times
All come back
While I’m listening to a slow track

The times we sang
Times we were a gang
To reckon with
Now that’s all a past-a myth

All four of us
World of a time for each other we had
Never was a time I’d call bad
All forgotten and uncared of now..

Tears practically jutting out from me now..
No one, I can share, my other half with
We have no time for each other
All wearing out ourselves like a blacksmith

Every time we saw that unlucky cute guy!
Every time he went, for one of us, sigh!
Just for me, strenuous coaching u people went through!
Brushing through all that, like finding the essence of shampoo

Sometimes I wish I could run back through time
My little sign of hesitation is a crime
Why, I might ask myself –maybe just because..
I don’t want them untouched like this in a dusty shelf

I can still imagine all of us ..
Running around Spencer
Checking out every nook
Like a sensor!

Well I guess those were supposed to remain memories
Maybe they were my life’s coolest accessories
Now new people have come into my life
But never forget u guys will always be my pocketknife

guys that was all imaginary/not true/artificial lots more u can say ! yea tht just shld be appreciated for its lovely poetic nature n yea i guess u can relate it to your olllle times hehehehe
tata n take kare

Saturday, April 22, 2006


All the stardom
All the glory
All vaporized

The minute I decided
To step down
-To make the pace of my life slower

I knew I would lose out my place
In the artistic phase of life
-The only place I believe, my talents lie

Now a lill drop of water comes out of my eye
But for what I ask myself
Why cry over spilt chocolate milkshake?

Whoever told stardom is everything
He should do a smiley bang bang
Cuz once Ur obsessed with it, there is nothing left in it

Some one said,
Don’t make something
Your everything cuz,
When something is gone, uve got nothing

Face the world
Make your own signature statement
Do all it takes
For that’s all what it takes

me me me bored so wrote tht googoo gaaggaa um ohkie me goin mad will b back wid another poem tommorow um pity u guys damn badly u know

so tata n take karee

Friday, April 14, 2006


Ho hum hum
Don’t look so glum!

Look at me
And try not to flee!

Think something good
At least something other than food!

Don’t waste ur chances
By getting into trances

Don’t think ur the best
But make sure thts thought by the rest!

Don’t fiddle wid ur loved ones
Did u forget they too have guns ?

Muahahahahahahahahahhahahahhaaahhahaha thts a poem by manasa the murderer hahahahahahhahahahaa
hehe im getting too many murderous thgts n yeah beware i mite killya if u dont temme how u feel bout the poem (i know ur going -oh no not again)

byeeeeeeeee n take care


heya guys this is one of my fav poems evah (i dippi adchufied it from another blog )muaahahha now it aint a crime is it ? i jus love it ..

It was a dark raining night
I was on the way, to my home,
Going through that dark road
Beside I saw a tomb;

I stopped and looked at it
There was a man, crying bitterly
Near the tomb
Showing all his servility;

I walked to him and held him
And said, “He never comes back, who’s dead”
He looked at me
Slowly he shook his head;

“Who was he?” I asked,
“Some one very near and dear friend?”
He sighed and told, “Yes he was”,
“He was my wife’s ex-husband!!!!!!!!!!”

muahahhahhaha tata n tc
manasa the grt

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

20 n still counting

he he checkout mah nu poem guys

I’m a cogwheel .NOT

Right here I am
A prisoner of word
Not able to express
What lies
Between the walls of my heart
I look wearily round me
The daily monotonous cogwheels
Doing their share of work
Will I be one of the cogwheels ..
Helping this supposedly
Developing country
To nurture its IT industries?
To bring into the spotlight
The mischief done by laloo
To get all doe eyed
If a developed nation offers
Our citizens a crore for hard work?
All the thought process
Going on inside me
But does it have ne value ?
im still right here
Right now
Sitting as I was just as above
Mind wavering
Brain at last processing
Haven’t changed an ounce

Lol hoped u guys liked it lemme know

Bye n take care
Manasa kumar

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the vyavaharkar guy

lol guys this post is dedicated to one of my FAV journalists evah aka rohan vyavaharkar n yeah i nevah knew he wrote all this stuff *gets into a daze*

The Homemakers-A short insight of an interracial engaged couple who find that furnishing a home can lead to much deeper problems than finding the right colored couch.

Written By: Rohan Vyavaharkar- is a journalist by trade and training, though he’s been writing and acting in plays since school. He was involved with a few theater groups in Mumbai where he wrote and acted. His last play ‘Dhanda’ (2003) was a big hit on the theater festival circuit in Mumbai and Bangalore, where he received awards for ‘Best Script’. Rohan has an MS in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University, and Bachelors in Economics from the University of Mumbai.

lol actually hes quite close to my greatness but he can nevah beat me hehe n yeah look out for one of my works like dat wen i become a reporter n theatre artistn poet n writer n dancer n singer mauahhaha

tata n take care

Monday, April 10, 2006

songs ahoy - a signature song collection

hey u ppl out dere

me the grt thgt of writing down my fav songs evah n yeah its NOT in order...hehe i can hear u go 'not another list!' ...lol comon it aint tht bad is it ? *oh no dont answr dat *

hehe so neway wanna read it read it ..dont wanna read it read it neway ! now im grt at laying down choices aint i ??*evil grin*

-beautiful soul by god jesse
-i still by bb boys
-world of our own by westlife
-let's get it started by bep
-'oru ooril' by karthik in kaaka kaaka
-someone's watchin ovah me by hilary
-larger than life by bb boys
-so yesterday by hilary
-rumours by lindsay lohan
-your still the one by shania
-why don't you kiss her by god jesse
-u make me wanna by blue
-in da club by 50 cent
-yeah yeah by usher
-one love by blue
-what's ur name by jesse
-have u evah by s club 7
-boulevard of broken dreams by greenday
-quit playin games wid my heart by bb boys
-white flag by dido
-i want it that way by bb boys
-the math by hilary duff
-complicated by avril
-hit me baby one more time by britney
-beacause you live by jesse
-peices of me by ashlee simpson
-behind these hazel eyes by kelly
-mohabbatein lutaunga by abhijeet saawant
-kabhi kabhi from yahaan
-fanaa both in tamil n hindi
-right here right now from bluffmaster
-say na say na from bluffmaster
-never gone by bb boys
-aao na from kyun ho gaya na
-pal by kk

hey wait actually ALLLLLLLL songs by ar rahman n hilary n kk n bb boys n blue HEHE
so watya think of my taste ...at least the part of my taste tht i revealed :)
lemme know
tata n take caree

helpless lill me

um some one here jus explain RIGHT NOW what this poem means plz plz plz ....i seriously stared at it like 20 mins then lost hope n thgt u guys can figure it out n give ur explanations muahahahaha n by the way it was voted THE GREATEST LOVE POEM EVER in some stupid webby ....n yeah ive given the maddy -soha pic for the supposedly LOVE poem hehe

God, the way your little finger moved
As you thrust a bare arm backward
And made play with your hair
And a comb a silly gilt comb

God—that I should suffer
Because of the way a little finger moved.

p.s -is he singing to godddd ??????
my foot

tata n take care

Saturday, April 08, 2006


You came into my life unexpectedly,
and everything took a turn for the better.
Your warm eyes, your laugh,
the sincere way you speak,
and the kindness you showed me,
all became a part of my life.

As you unfolded yourself to me,
I discovered more and more beauty.
I have never seen so much
gentleness in one person.
Without even knowing it,
you were slowly making a place
for yourself in my heart.

It used to seem so hard at times
to feel so close in a relationship.
But it’s so easy to feel close to you.
I can’t tell you how nice that feels.
I realize now that I had never known
what it meant to be loved
until I was loved by you.

hope u liked it ..lemme know

Friday, April 07, 2006

WWhenever Wwherever

lol hehe jus read below in the shakira tune of 'whenever wherever' plz plz plz ....lol me stilll laughhing my head off n yeah temme if ya like it

whenever wherever
i see u two running together
im here n ull obviously be there
n it makes me feel liek i dont care

move over
and discover
the things tht've been under cover
jus gives you the power

come on and
plz jus dont get me lower
cuz IM the best n u cant get it over

go ahead
n take a shower
include ur brain
n lets get it over ....

lol above was the work i thgt of in one sec man now i know how -precious one sec is!

the colgate song

guys u r really lucky to b here to witness this awesumm poem of the century written for colgate by gayatri n archana (her sis) lol chooo cute this one is n plz do stress on the places where ive written a lotta 'eee's lol have a ball

world is like a beautiful plaaaaaaaace
people come n people go waaaaste
but brush ur teeth wid toothpaaaaaste
brush ur teeth wid colgate

dont think uve gottaa a good taaaste
dont think uve gottaa good taaaaaste
brush ur teeth wid toothpaaste
brush ur teeth wid colgate

dont be in a very big haaaste
dont be in a very big haaste
but brush ur teeth wid toothpaaste
brush ur teeth wid colgate

dont think u have a grt faaaaste
dont think u have a grt faaaaste
brush ur teeth wid toothpaste
brush ur teeth wid colgateee

why don'tcha get up at eigggght
why dontcha get up at eighhhhtt
but brush ur teeth wid toothpaaaaste
brush ur teeth wid colgateeee

by gaya3 n archu

tata manasa

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

these were the BEST DAYS OF MAH LIFE

  • the day i was born muahahahaha
  • the day every person ive met was born
  • the day when i wrote my first poem
  • the day sania was born ..*arch wink wink*
  • the day i won my first cup (for drawing or something)
  • the day i met mah friends who are always dere for me now
  • the day i got to know archit ,rohan vyavaharkar,juhi,shivani,gayatri,sushruthi,luxitaa,pavithra,abhishek ,actor vikram,singer shalini ,jyothika,harris jayaraj,hey n all u ppl out there-ont even think ill miss u out -fat chance
  • the day i was forced to join basketball ! god good n what all it did to me lol
  • the days i played tennis
  • the days i learned mehandi
  • the days of hard work put into every show by our class as a whole in sixth seventh eighth n ninth std n more to go i hope
  • the day india reached finals in world cup
  • the day anita mam sang 'u fill up my sensors' to our class maaaaaaaaaaannn she rocks
  • the day my father kissed me last
  • the days i spent in bambino (i was in dat school till 2nd std the most awesummmest school evah)
  • the day i heard 'beautiful soul' first n then every time i hear it -it makes my day
  • the day i filled up my first entry in my school record in biology ...loveeed the whole record after tht
  • the day we got a nu digi cam
  • the days when my sisters got their jobs
  • every time i go out wid my family
  • the days i went to kodaikannal wid juhi n gayatri
  • the day sania won the hyderabad open
  • the day i got my first tennis raquet
  • the day i got my second raquet from australia
  • the day when i got my first nike bag
  • the days when my relatives/friends /family/some old stranger who my granma knows from childhood gets me a gift when they come over here
  • the day i won a gold n silver medal in 400 m relay n individual races respectively
  • the day i joined d a v girls school
  • the day i got a hundred in social in sixth std
  • the day i gotta a ninety in english -the overall highest in english at dat time hehee
  • the day i wrote my maths annual exam in ninth ...lol so much tension bfore ..n after tht felt soo gooooood
  • the day i ate fried rice n spicy baby corn gravy in tandoori walla ehhe it WAS VERY NICE OKI?
  • all the days when i went sathyam for a movie
  • the day i beat this guy called sachin in mah tennis class in doubles cuz he thgt he was sucha a smart ass now all i can say is ha n turn my head and swish my hair lol
  • the day i got my dog dash but snifffffffffffffffffffff had to give him away cuz of a prob
  • the day brad proposed to em now tht shld be coming first guys but ehhee me too tired nowy
  • all the days before n on my cuz's marriage marriage fun time it was !
  • the days when i got just the gift i wanted
  • the day i painted a meg cabot book in my drawing book lol loved it loads thinking of framing it

phew me tird of mah best days ......yeah thre are loadssssssssssssssss more jus cant put everythiing up here ..cuz i think i heard a snore from one of u guys right now !

n yeah if u liked it jus let me know

tata n take care

manasa kumar


oi peeps ...this very poem ...jus read it now ...thgt it was cute so put it on jus like tht ...me dint have time to write nethign new ...(now tts not something A GRT POET WLD SAY but lol wen did i say im one mmmm? ) hehe go on if u wanna

Making a decision
is an affrimation
to move in the opposite direction
but if much could express how much i love you,
i'll tell you how Much LOve,
life , lies to many soul ties
Last night my tears cried
she wept all the way into the morning
my sadness.... even she could not hide
although i stopped the weeping she didnt,
she lost all her pride
she saw beyond me
she saw deep inside
because many times i've lied
lied to myself,
tried to hide,run,forget,
act like i wasn't a mess
but i know am a hot mess

To write an end shouldn't there be a beginning?
or to end a beginning
there should actually be a beginning?
or to start and end one should finish a beginning
or to stop a start one should start a stop
to define Love is like looking to solve an equation
because if love was giving of yourself
and expecting nothing in return....
why are you looking at me???